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Residential Window Cleaning

The 'Reach and Wash' system is a revolutionary new way to clean windows without the use of bulky ladders and chemical cleaning agents. We use a filtration system that consists of several

stages to remove minerals and contaminates, leaving only pure water behind. This pure water acts like a magnet for dirt and minerals, so it cleans windows without leaving behind a film of detergent like other traditional cleaning methods.(Please note that windows previously cleaned the traditional way may take a couple of cleans to fully remove traces of detergents). The water fed brushes have soft bristles, so there is no risk of scratching even the brittlest of panes.   

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping solar panels clean is important in maximizing the efficiency of solar energy. However, many people are concerned about the risk of damaging panels when trying to clean them. The brushes we use are lightweight with soft bristled heads, so they are perfect for cleaning solar panels. No chemicals in our pure water system means there is no risk of damage and corrosion to the surface mechanisms of the panels.

Commercial Property Cleaning

If you want to keep your business premises looking smart and professional then we can help. From single shop windows to multi-story student housing complexes, we can reach heights of up to 60ft with our water fed pole system. CHAS accredited and IPAF certified, safety is our main concern when carrying out work in high traffic areas.  

The 'Reach and Wash' System

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